11 cool flannel outfits that don’t have anything to do with those you wore in highschool


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I have to admit, when I think of flannels, I immediately think of the ones I wore over skinny jeans and combat boots in 10th grade, or the ones I wore a couple of times hiking because I was "outdoors" wanted to look. When October rolls around, however, it's almost hard not to fall for the typical cold weather stuff again, as if nothing has changed since 10th grade. While flannels have always held a spot in the rotation of fall wardrobes everywhere, they haven't always felt the freshest, but today we are here to tell you that they're back for Fall 2020 and have never looked better. This Cozy plaid can actually be the fashion staple as long as you style it properly. Don't worry, we bring evidence and guidance by rounding up some of the coolest ways to wear flannel from our favorite fashion girls on Instagram.

To further convince you of how cool flannel has got since the last time you thought about it, we've added a variety of flannel items that go beyond the button-downs you are probably most familiar with. With plaid prints on collar tops, flowing dresses, and comfy pants, the flannel outfit ideas and range of purchases will leave you with no excuse not to incorporate printing into your wardrobe this season.

Read on to see all of the looks and buy the pieces of flannel to add to your cart right now.


Melinda Martin