11 non-basic methods to put on sweaters with leggings


No matter where you stand in the big debate about whether or not leggings can function as pants, you certainly can't deny the ease and comfort that come with the sports clip. And when the seasons change, we can't stop thinking about wearing the chic sweater and leggings outfits that we will wear every day as soon as the weather deems it appropriate.

That being said, when you have an ensemble as effortless as this combo, it's easy to fall into a style rut and feel a little, good, simple – especially when the main goal is to stay warm and cozy. Do not worry. We're looking at our favorite fashion girls for the coolest ways to wear this classic, cozy look. From changing your legging style to trying new layering ideas, when you're done with this story, you'll see your sweaters and leggings in a whole new light.


Melinda Martin