12 Outfits 20-One thing Celebs Can't Cease To Put on


Every decade in life has its own milestones. Whether you buy your first car and get that dream job, or marry the love of your life and start a family, your life will move on over time. Your style too, of course. Anyone who has ever lived through their 20s can tell you that this is the time to explore and find yourself, and there is no doubt that this idea applies to your style too.

If you're the type who measures your life in years rather than decades, the evolution of fashion can feel more like a slow burn than a hot flash. No matter where you are in your journey from one decade to the next, you will have to experiment with your style a few times before you finally come across the aesthetic that feels on par with that at your core. In the meantime, you might want to find some creative inspiration for your next outfit with a few looks.

In front of us, we've rounded up the coolest looks from our favorite fashionable 20-year-olds from Gigi Hadid to Zendaya. Scroll down to see all of them.


Melinda Martin