12 Significantly Good Christmas Magnificence Items Underneath $ 100


There are two types of people in this world: those who hesitate and those who are proactive. I generally consider myself a member of the latter group; Until I realized it was December and I wasn't doing any vacation shopping. Nada, Zilch. Before I went into panic mode and bought the same generic for everyone on my list, my staff reminded me that beauty products – from makeup and skin care to nail kits – are the perfect gift.

Think about it: this time of year there are tons of limited-edition sets, special packaging, and mini-versions of almost everything. And who can actually resist a pint-sized product? Probably the best reason to give away beauty products is so that you can create a gift set that is unique to each recipient's taste. Whether you have a nail-loving best friend or mom who needs a facial at home, Ulta Beauty and Team Who What Wear have you covered. Scroll down for 12 really great Christmas gifts to be given alone or together for under $ 100.


Melinda Martin