13 Inexpensive Sneakers With Golden Goose Enchantment – The entire Cool, Not one of the Price


A pair of Golden Goose sneakers will set you back about $500+ (you can score them just below the $400 mark if you want none of the frills). We’ve got to hand it to the Venice-born company that’s been paving the way in the distressed department since 2013, showing us how perfect imperfections can truly be. It’s a design aesthetic we love not only because it looks cool, but because the reality of everyday life means that scuffs and markings are going to happen. It’s a fact that they just happen to look way better camouflaged next to other spots, blemishes, and discolorations.

Whether you already love and value your Golden Goose, or you’re just a major fan of the sneaker company’s signature look and how it speaks to your overall wardrobe, you’re going to appreciate the shopping we’ve curated for you below. If you’re in the market for “lived-in” kicks at a wide range of price points, we’ve provided them for you, starting with the most affordable (yes, you’ve got options under $100) and ending with designer shoes that count as luxury ticket items, but just so happen to be on sale. Hey, it’s your lucky sneaker day.


Melinda Martin