15 Trendy Face Masks That Will Additionally Preserve You Cozy By means of Fall and Winter


You might not have thought about switching up your face mask style since you collected your very first protective covering, but as fashion editors, we like to make sure you’re equipped with all the options. If swapping florals for thicker plaids is a practice you’re used to when fall and winter roll around, why not extend that to all your accessories, face masks included?

We know you may be celebrating the holidays virtually with coworkers, friends, or family that live far, and if you’re getting dressed up for the occasion, you should have an ornamental mask to match. Once the temperatures do drop to their lowest and outerwear comes into play, you’ll also want a face mask that’s functional — i.e. equipped with shearling, long enough to cover as much of your face as possible, and obviously protective — but also cute.

We’ve kept our eyes peeled for brands making velvet or corduroy designs and offering darker color schemes, thicker layers, and wintry prints. Shop all our favorite styles ahead, and find out why they’re top contenders for refreshing our own winter style this time of year. Bonus: a lot of these would also make really great gifts, just in case you need something small that ships fast!


Melinda Martin