17 hairstyles to strive three, six, and 9 months after your large blow


It's no secret that I'm practically always on the verge of cutting my hair off. Despite my lifelong obsession with long, flowing hair, something has come over me in recent years that has resulted in a serious shift in hair priorities. Suddenly, abbreviations are so appealing, and while I've only taken a drastic cut once, I'm constantly tempted to do it again. Now that I've officially learned to maintain my natural hair texture (proud 4b queen here!) I'm particularly interested in what it could be like to do the big cut and rock a short natural hairstyle.

"Now that I've gone through the big chop three times in my life, there are more pros than cons in my opinion," says prominent hairdresser and owner of LunaBella Makeup & Hair Salon Christin Brown. “While not everyone has to resort to a large chop to begin their natural hair journey, it sure does get you closer to not having what I call split personality hair. By cutting off all of the chemical and heat damaged parts, it's one Quick way to get one step closer to being all natural, which can be incredibly liberating. ”London-based celebrity hairdresser Subrina Kidd agrees. "You don't have to, but I always have the feeling that everyone should come up short at some point in their life. It's almost like detox," she told me. "When you're getting a big cut, especially if you're someone who has spent many years straightening your hair, this is a real, honest way to get used to your texture."

Whether you're considering a big chop to start your natural hair journey or just want to try a chic, short haircut for fun, there are a few things you should know. Get all of Brown and Kidd's expert tips ahead of time, as well as 17 of the most beautiful short hairstyles to try at any stage of your growth.


Melinda Martin