19 vogue lady snowshoes that truly work too


It's that time again: time to put your thin, flat-soled boots on the bench and break out your snowshoes. We've all made the mistake of prioritizing style over function, wearing our Chelsea boots or our favorite pair of heels only to see us slide and slide across the icy sidewalks. As a fashion girl, I understand the temptation to choose aesthetics over practicality, but it's one of those decisions that you regret almost immediately after you step out of the door when snow and ice have taken over the floor. Fortunately for all of us, there are a surprising number of snowshoes that combine function and style.

With these chic options, you no longer have to choose between the polished look and prep. From pairs adorned with lambskin to trendy rubber soles and faux fur, there are countless options for snowshoes that combine style and function. Shop below the 19 best snowshoes I've come across that will complement your outfit and allow you to hike the snow with ease.


Melinda Martin