20 gorgeous designer bags that are knockouts and cheaper options too


As I showed earlier with this story here, I live for the perfect handbag. What can I say, this ideal choice can put an entire look together in an instant like this. Given my admiration for bags, I often check my stores and follow the feeds of some of my favorite fashions to inspire my handbag purchases.

And let me say – there are quite a few silhouettes on my dream wish list right now. Yes, that includes these beautiful designer styles. And while I certainly can’t swing most of what I have in mind, I sometimes think about an investment style that has a high cost per year. To give you a taste of the designer tips that I think are stunning, I’ve put together a gorgeous cut for you below to inspire you.

But of course, you don’t have to spend that much to secure an A + bag. That’s why I’ve summarized all the cheaper options that I love as well. I’m talking about cute shoulder bags to functional tote bags.

Okay, enough talk. Let us begin. The best spring bags are coming your way now.


Melinda Martin