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How to Elevate your Style: Bonus Extra tips

Sep 1

Here are few more tips to put together

The next tip is to wear vintage. I can always tell when I'm seeing vintage on somebody and I just think mixing vintage and new, it's just such a great way to style an outfit. So I grabbed this vintage Chanel bag that I pretty much wear with everything.

So one of my favorites, I just grab it all the time. Buying vintage doesn't always necessarily mean spending thousands of dollars. I got this vintage Gucci bag for $80 on Poshmark and it is well-loved. Like the inside is completely messed up, but I still love it. So I negotiated down that she wanted $120 for it, but I got it down.

Also, I grabbed some vintage Ralph Lauren boots from Poshmark for $30. I wear them all the time and get so many compliments on them. And I think they just compliment any outfit that I'm wearing, especially something like this when you're just eating like a pop-up Brown.

My favorite is vintage jewelry. I love jewelry, big rings, Initial letter necklaces,  lots of jackets. I think you can find some great jackets on Etsy or even your local vintage stores. So my next tip is always to wear one unique piece and I know this is impossible for every single outfit every day, but I try to do this at least four, three to four times a week because I don't have that many unique pieces.

Letter R pendant necklace

I only have so many clothes. I will show you an example. So for example, instead of wearing just a basic tank top, I have this shoulder pad tank top from the Frankie shop that I wear, in place of that. And it just adds kind of an extra element of style to my outfit or instead of a basic white button-down I have this oversized puffy sleeve button-down that serves the same purpose, but it just has a unique feature to it.

I've got something like this vest was $12 and I can just put it over pretty much anything, any white button-down, any t-shirt any sweater. And it just adds like a little layer. I mean, it weighs pretty much next to nothing, but it's crazy what, something like this can add to your outfit and even outerwear. So, you know, even though this isn't a super unique piece, it's like an oversized vest, see like my sleeves sticking out.

Obviously, sometimes you need like a big coat and there's nothing you can do about it. But when I can, I can grab something like this. So my next tip is wearing something printed and this could be mixing prints or just wearing one item that's printed in basic jeans. But when I'm mixing friends, I always liked to mix kinds of prints that I wouldn't necessarily think go together.

My go-to place for necklaces and pendants is Poppies and Thyme Pendant Necklaces - I am also a big fan of their butterfly necklaces.