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Custom printed T-shirts in Finland

Dec 1

A custom printed t-shirt is still very popular as business apparel. High-quality T-shirts with a company’s logo printed on it, can be given to customers as business gifts or more traditionally used as business clothing in the workplace. In Finland, classic-fitting T-shirts are still popular but a few years back many customers started to demand better-looking, more fashionable T-shirts. Organic cotton has increased its popularity and many of the T-shirt models are made of organic cotton. Organic cotton is a better alternative for the environment.

Today you can order custom printed T-shirts that look exactly the same as your favorite T-shirt bought from a fashion store. T-Shirts are better looking but are the printing techniques the same as twenty years ago? Printing is still done with screen printing but a new challenger has entered, DTG.


DTG Direct to garment printing

A little bit over ten years ago DTG (direct to garment) printing was invented and it revolutionized the print-on-demand market with CMYK-color printing directly onto the fabric. The problem was that you could only do short runs with DTG. It was a headache to print over 50 pcs at once. Nowadays DTG printing is more suitable for large volume orders because the DTG printers have evolved to be able to do hundreds of T-shirts prints in one hour. The only downside with DTG is not able to do 100 % Pantone color matching. So, DTG is more suitable for printing colorful images than company logos.


Screen printing

Screen printing has been the best printing technique to do prints on T-shirts for over 50 years. It is durable and you can do multi-color prints that can match the company’s logos Pantone color guidelines.


Which is a better printing technique for T-shirt prints: Screen printing or DTG?


There is no clear winner. Many still prefer screen printing over DTG. Direct to garment printing is still evolving and might be the winner in years to come.


Where can you buy custom printed T-shirts in Finland?


So, where can you order custom printed T-shirts in Finland? There is one shop T-paita painatus -that is specialized in custom t-shirt printing. Contact them and request a quote.