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Parents' Picks For The Best Kids' T-Shirts

Dec 23

T-shirts for kids might be surprisingly tough to come by. The fabric must be stain-resistant, retain its form, and be resistant to color fading (despite frequent washing). A genuinely stand-out kids' shirt, however, will be one that a youngster will actively enjoy wearing (a struggle with any child under the age of 3) and one that appeals to parents as well (i.e., one that does not include Paw Patrol). We asked seven stylish parents, including a model, a mother of ten, and a podcaster, to share the best kids' T-shirts. Read on for their best recommendations, which range from low-cost options to high-end designs.


T-shirt for kids with the greatest overall design


T-shirt with a crew neck from Arket

These organic cotton T-shirts, which come in a variety of 18 hues, including Scandinavian subtle colours like orange-toned brown, peach, and olive green, were suggested by two of our experts. Alex Stedman, editor of The Frugality and mother of two, says they're a must-have in her children's wardrobes because they're "excellent quality and a wonderful form." Model Mother creator Jess Bowen, a mother of two, has this design in multiple colors for her kid. "He uses them as his 'uniform' for preschool," she adds, "so they're in high rotation and wash pretty nicely." "It's also comforting to know they're part of Arket's fundamentals range, so I'll be able to replace them when he grows out of them."


The greatest kids' printed shirts

T-shirt with stripes by Lindex

"Every day for nursery, I essentially dress my kid in striped T-shirts and leggings/cycling shorts — elegant, unisex, and easier to cover stains," adds Stedman, who appreciates that Lindex is "cheap yet sustainable" and that the tees are produced with organic cotton.

Oscar Set from BubbaStop Boutique

This tie-dye T-shirt and shorts combo comes in four colors: orange, blue, black, or purple, and is another stain-resistant pattern. Malone purchased the latter for her 3-year-old after reading a friend's post in the Dope Black Mums Facebook group about the brand's introduction. "I like how fantastically vintage this T-shirt is," she comments. "I've also discovered that the cloth is quite durable and can withstand numerous washing."


The greatest kids' slogan shirts


T-shirt for kids with the words "Color Celebrations" and "Enjoyment Vibes" on it.

Tinuke Awe, mother of two, CEO of Mums and Tea, and creator of Learning with Ez and Friends, says, "These T-shirts are a terrific combination of contemporary culture and elegant design." "They're also made from organic cotton, so it's a win-win situation." The shirts are also available in adult sizes, according to Awe, so they're ideal if you want the whole family to coordinate.

Boys Will Be Wonderful Humans Kids T-Shirt by The Spark Company

Danusia Malina-Derben, mother of ten and creator of School for Mothers, says, "I'm a great supporter of the Spark Enterprise, a female-founded and female-run company." "Their T-shirt slogans are spot on when it comes to gender equality, and they promote expression and finding one's voice." Furthermore, the T-shirt material is silky, thick, and quite comfortable. They're a hit with my BGB [boy, girl, boy] triplets." "They're ethically created using ecofriendly vegan dye," she says, adding that they wash well. The firm is devoted to plastic-free packaging and has a zero-waste strategy. "We're all about not being a jackass to planet Earth," they assert, which I adore.


The greatest basic T-shirts for kids on a budget


Fruit of the Loom Plain T-Shirt for Kids/Children

Stu Oakley, a father of three and the host of Some Families, a podcast on LGBTQ+ families, has struggled to locate appropriate plain T-shirts for his children. "Everything is constantly patterned," he adds, adding that "it's hard to find nice matches with the quantity of patterned leggings, pants, and shorts out there." What is the solution? He finds himself going back to Fruit of the Loom on a regular basis. The brand's white T-shirts were also mentioned in our piece on the finest white T-shirts for ladies, which is helpful if you and your family want to match.

Unisex Pure Cotton T-Shirt from Marks & Spencer

"I acquire the bulk of my children' basic clothes from Marks & Spencer, much like my mother and maybe her mother before her," explains Gina Knight, mother of two and CEO of Gina Knight Wig Design. "Both girls are dressed in unisex school T-shirts made of 100% cotton. They come in a variety of colors and don't wobble or fade easily. We've used them for school, gymnastics, and even artistic projects like tie-dye and print-making because they're so fairly priced at two for £5."