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What's The Difference Between A Pullover Hoodie And A Zip Up?

Jan 21

Hoodies are making a comeback at retail outlets around the country as the weather cools down. Pullovers and zip-ups are the two most popular designs. But which one should you pick if you're seeking for a warm hoodie?

Casual and sports attire includes both pullovers and zip-up hoodies. Pullovers are worn over the head, whereas zip ups are worn similarly to other coats but with a zipper. Pullover hoodies appear to be warmer and more comfortable, while zip ups appear to be more adaptable and utilitarian.

Don't be concerned if you're still undecided. In this post, I'll go over the minor distinctions between a pullover hoodie and a zip up hoodie so you can figure out which one is right for you. To find out more, keep reading.

What Is a Hoodie with a Pullover?

Hanes Women's Sport Performance Fleece Pullover Hoodie, Fresh Berry Solid/Fresh Berry Heather, SA The Hanes Women's Sport Performance Flee Pullover Hoodie, Fresh Berry Solid/Fresh Berry Heather, SA pullover hoodie is just a sweatshirt with a hood stitched on. Because both sweatshirts and pullovers are made to be pulled over your head, it's more like a sweatshirt than a jacket.
Pullover hoodies are more laid-back than other cold-weather coats since they feature a more athletic and casual appearance.

Pullover hoodies were fashionable in the 1990s, despite the fact that the overall style of a hoodie has been present for a long time. Men's and women's styles are now available.

What Is a Zip-Up Hoodie and Why Do You Need One?

Men's Charcoal Heather Hanes Full Zip Ultimate Heavyweight Hoodie, Small
Zip-up hoodies are hooded sweatshirts with a zipper rather than a drawstring. In terms of how they're worn, they're more similar to a jacket's fit. Zip-up jackets, on the other hand, are regarded more casual. They feature an athletic look, similar to pullover hoodies.

Hoodies were initially designed in the 1930s as a solution to protect employees working outside in cold weather. They were easier and more practical to wear because they zip up. Zip up hoodies were popular with all people in the 1970s, and they, like pullovers, peaked in popularity in the 1990s, when casual clothing was more trendy. Zip up hoodies may now be found in both men's and women's fashions.

What Is the Difference Between a Zip Up and a Pullover Hoodie?


In terms of fit, pullover hoodies and zip ups are similar. They're available in both men's and women's fashions, for starters. Women's fashions may fit differently from men's equivalents at times, yet they also fit the same way.

You have two alternatives whether purchasing a pullover or a zip-up hoodie. You can choose one that is true to size or one that is larger. In the end, your choice is yours. However, if you want to wear it with extra layers underneath, a big pullover or zip-up is preferable.


Some say that the comfort of pullovers vs zip-ups is substantially different. Pullovers, rather than zip-ups, appear to be more comfortable to wear, especially when purchased big. Even extra-large pullovers appear to be more secure. They're also totally comprised of cotton, with no metal or other added components.

Zip-up hoodies might be difficult for certain individuals to wear since they include a metal zipper, especially if it is zipped all the way up. They might also feel heavier than pullovers due to the added hardware. Also, if you buy a large zip-up and leave it unzipped, it will slip off your shoulders and you will have to pull it back up all the time.


Pullover hoodies aren't as adaptable in terms of style as zip-up hoodies. Pullovers cover over whatever shirt you're wearing, which explains why this is the case. It makes no difference if you wear a pullover if you don't want to see your shirt. A zip up, on the other hand, is the preferable alternative to wear if you have a nice shirt you want to show off.

Because pullovers may or may not have a front pocket, they aren't as useful as zip-ups. Look for a hoodie with a pocket if you want to make your hoodie more functional. In addition to having a zipper, most zip-ups have pockets. You may wear a zip-up with the zipper up or down when wearing it.

Applied Materials

Wool has traditionally been used to make pullovers and zip ups because of its warmth. However, because wool is more expensive and difficult to maintain, today's pullovers and zip-ups are mostly made of cotton or polyester. Fleece may also be used as a lining.


You might question whether one is warmer because they are both made to be worn when it is cooler outside. Pullover hoodies are warmer than zip-up hoodies in general. They have a tighter fit and don't let as much chilly air in. Drawstrings are frequently included to keep the hood snug over your face.

Zip-ups may still be warm, especially if they're lined with fleece. Even if they include drawstrings, they don't always fit as well around the neck and face. Another benefit of pullovers is that, depending on whether you buy them fitted or big, they may be layered over or beneath apparel. Because the zipper may get in the way if worn below another garment, zip ups are best worn as an outside layer.

When is it OK to wear

Cold-weather essentials include pullovers and zip-ups. Pullovers, on the other hand, offer superior protection from cold rain and snow since they are warmer and cover more of your body. This is especially true considering how well they stack. They can be worn over a windbreaker or a bigger garment.

Zip-ups provide excellent wind protection, but they may not be adequate for snow protection. They're more appropriate for cold autumn days than for snowy winter ones. They may not, however, fit as tightly around the face and may not provide adequate protection from snow and rain. Choose a zip-up if you won't be spending much time outdoors. Choose a pullover if you'll be outside for an extended period of time.

Pullover Hoodie Benefits and Drawbacks

Let's take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of pullover hoodies now that we know the main distinctions between the two. Pullovers are warmer, more comfortable, and better for layering than zip-ups, which are the main reasons you should select one over the other. They're ideal for spending time outside throughout the cooler months of the year.

They do, however, have certain flaws. Pullovers have a number of disadvantages. The first is that they are less adaptable. If your stylish t-shirt is concealed behind a pullover, you won't be able to show it off. They're also less practical, which means they're more difficult to put on and remove. Only wear a pullover if you intend to wear it for an extended period of time.

Zip Up Hoodie Pros and Cons

Zip up hoodies have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, which are much the same as those of pullover hoodies. Zip-up hoodies have the benefit of being more versatile, allowing you to wear more underneath while still being visible. They're also more practical because they're easier to put on and take off.

Although they may be worn as an outer layer, zip ups aren't as effective for layering as pullovers are. They are, however, not necessarily as warm or as comfy as pullovers. You can buy a fleece-lined zip up to make them warmer, but some people find the zipper unpleasant, especially when it is zipped.

Is it true that zip-up hoodies are no longer fashionable?

Zip-up hoodies are still as fashionable and popular as they were in the 1990s. Zip up hoodies are perfect for heading to the gym or doing errands, especially now that the athleisure aesthetic is resurfacing. On a cold day, you'll observe a lot of folks wearing zip-ups.

Is it better to have a hoodie with or without a zipper?

It's difficult to tell which is preferable after examining the distinctions and general advantages and disadvantages of both pullovers and zip up hoodies. It really depends on what you want to wear it with.

Consider why you'll be wearing it while making your choice. A pullover is a terrific choice if you want comfort and warmth without worrying about what you're wearing underneath it. A zip up is the way to go if you want your outfit to stand out or if you want something that's quick to put on and take off.