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Choosing the Best Handheld GPS

Mar 24

GPS devices can be very useful for reaching a distant place with the help of geographic position. These GPS devices are capable of providing location data which are not available on any other devices. Now how to choose the GPS device that suits your needs the best? The following tips will go a long way to help you choose the best handheld GPS.  

Touch Screen or Not?

The first question you need ask yourself while deciding to buy a handheld GPS is whether you need a touch screen GPS or a normal one. Though the choice of screen types is strictly on the basis of your personal preference, it is better to go for a touch screen handheld GPS as it will offer faster user experience. But there is a catch. The handheld GPS devise that come with touch screens cannot be operated under bright sunlight or at least the performance is not that much satisfactory. In this case, you can opt for a traditional screen. This type of screen is also battery friendly. 

Do you demand car navigation option?

Handheld GPS devices nowadays come with car navigation features with them. Some of the handheld devices may not entertain this feature. If you want to have the car navigation feature, choose a handheld GPS that offers it. Some of the companies are manufacturing  handheld GPS devices dedicated for auto or car navigation.   

Consider the option of Electronic Compass

While purchasing a handheld GPS, you can also consider the option of buying a device that has electronic compass with it. This is definitely an added feature with just a little more cost. Electronic compasses are very useful for navigating in the dark. This will help you to navigate accurately. The electronic compass feature is the point where the normal truckers GPSs are differentiated from the high end ones. So, go for the one which fulfills your needs the best. 

Consider the option of Barometric Altimeter

This extra feature will help you to determine the latitude and longitude of your position in place where altitude is very high. So, basically, this feature will allow you to navigate more easily and accurately over the mountains and hilly areas. 

Consider the option of GLONASS

You can also consider whether you need the added option of GLONASS- a Russian satellite constellation based global positing system in your handheld GPS or not. The extra feature of GLONASS will give you much faster navigation under any natural disastrous situation.    

You need to consider the above mentioned features on the basis of your needs and then go for the features that are mandatory for you. Afterwards, you can go to the market and check all the available options for handheld GPS and buy the one that matches all your expectations. It is also recommended that you consider the price issue in your mind while choosing a handheld GPS for regular use. Last of all; do not forget to make sure that the device you are choosing is durable and sturdy.