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Five GPS Units Worth Looking At

Mar 28

Garmin Zumo 660LM GPS Motorcycle Navigator

The Garmin Zumo Motorcycle Sat Nav series has six models within it, offering a range of prices and navigation units to suit all users.  The range start off with the Zumo 220 which is a basic model offering no other features other than turn-by-turn directions and rises up to the Zumo 590LM which is a fantastic model and comes with many useful features that you can see here, however it also comes with a huge price tag that really takes some justification on whether its really worth it.

Our favorite Garmin motorcycle sat nav device, is the Garmin 660LM which comes with a super-wide 4.3 inch touchscreen, water-resistant meaning that you use can use your device in the rain and a super-fast processor speed to allow for calculations and re-calculations without you having to wait for hour while the machine tries to catch up with your movements.

The touchscreen that handles viewing in direct sunlight very well allow Garmin fantastic maps to be used allowing for turn by turn directions to be shown on your screen and uses 3D landmarks to help direct you to your destination.  When you approach a difficult junction, the unit uses Garmin PhotoReal which shows you an image of the junction and brightly coloured arrows to help you move into the correct lane that you need.

The Zumo 660LM features Bluetooth technology which allows you to connect your smartphone to the Sat Nav unit and therefore make and receive hands free phone calls through a speaker system in-built in your helmet.  This Bluetooth technology also means that your direction that would normally just be shown on the screen are now spoken to you through the same speaker system in your helmet.  As an added benefit, the in-built computer not only handles directions, but can also give you real-time information such as speed limits to include both your current speed and the speed limit on the road, and can even hold music meaning that you can use your Sat Nav system to play your favourite music through the speaker system in your helmet.

TomTom One XLS

Whilst the One XLS does not come with lifetime map updates like the Garmin Sat Nav system, it does come as standard with TomTom’s Map share technology with enables users to show where any road works or road corrections are located and then share these updates with the rest of the online community.  Traffic alerts are available, however you do have to pay for an extra subscription which can add up to your cost.

Other features include fuel prices allowing you to choose the cheapest fuel prices near you and access to TomTom’s home software where you can update your unit or download celebrity voices or speech in multiple languages and much more.

Garmin Nuvi 2757 Review

The Garmin Nuvi 2757LM comes with a massive 7-inch high resolution, high impact, color touchscreen that allows you to see your driving instruction from far away or even in direct sunlight. The Garmin Nüvi 2757LM finds its unique place in the GPS market with its bright 7-Inch display. The screen size of this device is a “Wow!” thing and displays good contrast, brightness, and colour.  This Unit comes with detailed maps of North America that are continually updated with free lifetime maps, places of interest and essential information for navigation. You can download the new available maps up to 4 times per year, for free.  

The Points of Interest (POI’s) database is huge and comes preloaded with thousands of POI’s all over the country including, business addresses, stores, restaurants, ATM’s and much more. You can customise your Garmin GPS Device to show you what’s ahead in your direction of travel automatically or use the device to show you wants in your area.

Garmin has developed their own “Garmin Real Directions” for the nüvi 2757LM and its a much improved version of previous models.  The unit provides “spoken turn-by-turn directions” which makes understanding directions easy.  Instead of asking you to take the third left or second exit, the unit speaks direction using recognizable landmarks, buildings and traffic lights.  
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The Garmin 2757 has a much faster processor than previous models and therefore calculates and recalculates routes faster than any other models on the market at present.  The data entry “keyboard” on the Garmin nüvi 2757LM is user friendly and you can toggle between numeric, alphabetic, and special characters as per your requirements.

The handy quick-disconnect mount allows the main body of the nuvi 2757 to just slip on or off the mount by pressing a button on the bottom leaving the windshield mount and power cable intact. Driving through difficult interchanges or junction is often very difficult, however the Nuvi 2757 gives you confidence through the voice prompts and images from the “Active Lane Guidance”, which uses an inbuilt animated model with brightly colored arrows to show the proper lane for your route.

Bird’s Eye junction view is yet another unique feature offering an overhead detailed view of interchanges while the “Photo Real Function” realistically displays the junctions and interchanges along your route. Another feature the 2757 has up its sleeve to help you with your directions is to show you real road signs as they appear along your route.