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Tips To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Diamond

Sep 28

All grading factors of a diamond are important, and none can be taken in isolation. You could buy a D colour, Flawless diamond, but if the cut is poor then it will be dull and lifeless - but a well-cut diamond which is I2 Clarity and J colour will have its brilliance affected by the low colour and clarity. We recommend quality over quantity every time. Don't get too 'caught up' by wanting a 1 carat, or half carat diamond, regardless of the quality. We will let you into a secret, the diameter - remember that's what you actually see - between a 0.43 carat and a 0.50 carat diamond could be a matter of 0.02 mm, but the price could be significantly higher for the 0.50 carat. Rather than compromising on a lower grade 0.50 carat diamond, it is better to go for a high-grade diamond that is slightly lighter in colour. We suggest trying to get good colour and cut, an F-H or higher and a Very Good or higher make. If the diamond is a 0.50ct (or close to), SI1 - SI2 is quite good for clarity, but if 0.75ct or higher we suggest you select a VS2 clarity or higher, because, as the table area increases in size it makes it easier to see the inclusions. We recommend you consider diamonds of higher than I colour, and avoid I1, I2 and I3 clarity, if quality is important to you. Low clarity in diamonds affects the brilliance of a diamond no matter how well it is cut. After all, if a diamond doesn't sparkle with fire, why bother? At Adamastar, we prefer not sell diamonds lower than SI2 clarity or I colour. These details are a brief overview. Diamond grading and gemmology are a full-time profession that requires many years of study. While it helps to know the factors that affect price and quality, you must still rely on professionals.


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