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Local Fashion Designers and Handmade Leather Bags

Mar 13

A local Chicago, IL fashion designer Shernett Swaby has earned international recognition for her unique designs. Swaby was among the top five finalists in Project Runway and is part of the new generation of women designers who have revolutionized fashion for modern women. Although Swaby is a new Chicago fashion designer, her work has gained a cult status among Chicago's fashion-conscious. Read on to learn more about Swaby and her fashions.

Swaby's Chicago boutique has a free-changes policy, which allows you to transform your pants into skirts, alter the linings of any piece of clothing, and modify any piece to fit your style.

Local Fashion Designer Chicago Shernett Swaby also has a wide portfolio that includes ready-to-wear cocktail dresses and separates. Her designs are inspired by architecture and blend feminine and masculine elements. She uses luxurious fabrics to make her clothes feel both elegant and comfortable. As an emerging star in the fashion world, Swaby Chicago is one of the top designers in the region. She has also been featured in many places.

This Chicago designer has a stunning collection of dresses, jackets, cardigans, coats, and shirts. Sherratt Swaby's style is a blend of sophistication and simplicity. Her designs are appropriate for any occasion.

Sherratt Swaby believes fashion is art. She employs a limited color palette and material. Her minimalist style will appeal to those with artistic sensibilities. Her studio and showroom are located in Chicago. Local fashion designers are designing handmade clothes. The collection is sure to be a hit.

Sherratt Swaby is a Chicago fashion designer who is rising to international fame. Fashion Designer Chicago Shernett Swaby uses her couture collection to express her inner rebellion by coloring outside the lines with her designs. She uses an architectural aesthetic to portray an edgy-chic look that will bring out the Swaby rebel in you. Most Swaby pieces are works of art stitched together by the artist herself. Shop Swaby and support the movement of responsibly made clothing.

The AIBI's annual Fall Fashion Fling will showcase Chicago's fashion industry. The AIBI's fashion show will feature the work of several local designers. If you are an aspiring designer trying to meet new customers, Don't miss this opportunity. Chicago Fashion Week's official Fashion Focus event is included. If you’re looking for Handmade Clothing Chicago, Custom Tailoring Chicago and Unique Clothing Chicago, call Swaby Chicago.

Swaby Chicago

750 N Franklin St Suite #105, Chicago, IL 60654

(312) 285-2810