23 ribbed dresses you 100% need for your hot summer – all under $ 100


A rib dress captures the ease and spontaneity of the warm season very well. It’s light, easy to put on, feels smooth against the body and can be worn for any occasion. I can’t think of an alfresco dinner without a polished, fitted style or a casual park slope without a flattering ribbed tank silhouette. While these pieces are adaptable for autumn or winter, they are the perfect addition to your wardrobe in warm weather.

In front of me, I’ve curated 23 of my all-time favorite styles that retail for less than $ 100. Prepare for long days at the beach or city adventures in style with these effortlessly cool dresses. Whether you’re making a statement on the night of the date or want to dress up for a casual hangout, these pieces are ideal choices for all of your social plans.


Melinda Martin