25 Costly Wanting Lingerie I Purchase On Amazon (For Beneath $ 50)


Lingerie is often known for being sold at uncomfortably high prices. While there is certainly a lot of art and craftsmanship in these high-end pieces, spending hundreds of dollars on a pair of underwear is not always everyone's top priority. However, wearing lingerie is something women do every day. Hence, finding that sweet spot in terms of price, style, and appearance is of the utmost importance.

With that in mind, I'm here today to share with you one of my favorite secret places to buy lingerie – Amazon. Sure, you might have ordered a few simple briefs or a sports bras or two from the beloved retailer, but I bet you didn't know that in addition to its own brands like Iris & Lilly, Amazon has an impressive arsenal of affordable lingerie as well as Amazon Essentials, which guarantee a high quality lingerie purchase every time.

From bralettes to silky pajama sets, shop for my favorite Amazon Lingerie finds below.


Melinda Martin