25 final minute items for him, all below $ 50


Do you need a last minute gift idea? We got you covered! The holidays are definitely different this year as many of us have last minute plans. There may be some unreported people on your vacation list or a new family that you are vacationing with. We all have this guy in our life who says he doesn't need anything. Well, he might not need anything, but why not put a big smile on his face with a small gift? Whether it's a ribbed hat or a cozy fleece gift, Gap has great deals that he'll love.

On top of that, Gap is closing important deals all month and they're with us for the final leg of the Christmas presents. At the moment you get an additional 50 percent discount on sales styles with the code BIGSALE and an additional 20 percent discount online with the code ADDON. Hurry! Do your shopping – Christmas Day is here before you know it.


Melinda Martin