25 house furnishings I purchase to rework my condominium right into a dream dwelling house


Most Wanted is a weekly series in which a Who What Wear team member or friend of the brand shares the 25 best finds on their current wishlist.

When emergency shelter orders came in in the US, my friend and I had just returned from a vacation in Kauai to an apartment we had barely moved into. We were the proud owners of a bed, couch, desk, 10 plants, and a couple of rolls of toilet paper. The first few weeks were… I'll call them romantic: picnicking on the floor, working on the couch, etc. In the second month we had done the bare minimums and hung a few things on the walls. But now it's six months later and I have to make this apartment the place I want to be every day.

Even if you didn't start the pandemic in a new home, I can assume you will need an interior overhaul too, especially since we will apparently be living well into our home office / gym until well into 2021. That sounds daunting – I know – but with I can affirmly buy all the furniture and decorations I want from my favorite brands such as West Elm, Design Within Reach, Shoppe Amber Interiors, Lulu and Georgia, and McGee & Co. Then break down the cost into simple monthly payments at just 0% annual interest. With Affirm I never pay more than I agreed in advance because they never (ever) charge me late or hidden fees. It is also very easy to use at any retailer: I just select "Confirm" as a payment option at the checkout and see exactly what I owe in advance. All the work is done for me, and sooner than I otherwise could, my apartment will become the dream living space I wanted. Read on to see the household items I'm buying right now.


Melinda Martin