25 winter boots that look cool however don't value a ton


Cute shoes that won't damage your bank account? Yes, get in touch. Since we are still in the depths of winter and still need a few more months, a solid pair of boots is a must. So if you are looking for a new pair, this is probably the best time to look for them as many retailers have their winter collections up for sale in preparation for all the novelties that await us this spring.

In my daily perusal of the websites of my favorite retailers, I couldn't help but notice all of the current boots that happen to be so affordable too. Just a few of the trending styles I've seen in my shopping sessions are the chunky-soled Chelsea boots that can be found everywhere, nifty riding boots, practical hiking boots, and even a few flashy stunners. Oh, and when I say affordable, I really mean it. Everything you'll see is under $ 200. Most boots cost less than $ 150.


Melinda Martin