26 Fully Random, However Costly Wanting Residence Decor I Discovered On Amazon


Yes, I fell back into the box from Amazon. This time around, I've spent nearly four hours creating a virtual checklist of furnishings to add to my new LA apartment. I'm usually exhausted for almost four hours straight, but as someone who loves home decor, it's one of my favorite things to do.

There is always a lot to unzip when it comes to buying the two day shipping home. A great tip to remember is to know what you are looking for first. To find the really chic, expensive looking pieces, my secret is to use other more expensive home decor websites as a reference point – otherwise, you'll spend a lot more time wading through pages with lackluster things. With the right combination of keywords, you can potentially discover some affordable gemstones that look three times the price. Now, I'm sharing the fruits of my online shopping labors – keep scrolling to see all of the Amazon home decor tips I'm getting into right now.


Melinda Martin