27 Enjoyable Issues to Deliver Again That Style-Lovin’ Feelin’


I haven’t worn an outfit that wasn’t pitifully mismatched in months now. All of the pretty clothes that I used to delight in have been literally collecting dust and it’s been a bit hard to get riled up about yet another pair of sweatpants—am I right? But then I bought a pair of fun boots that were a little bit different for me: knee-high flat boots. Suddenly, I started rifling through my closet thinking of all the different ways to wear them.

I was reminded of how fashion can be a lighthearted escape from everything else going on. Sometimes all it takes is one cherished new piece to re-spark your excitement for fashion—and yes, bring back that lovin’ feelin’ (’cause it’s gone, gone, gone). With that in mind, I sourced some items below that bring a smile to my face, and hope they do the same for you.


Melinda Martin