27 of the very best hair, skincare, and make-up manufacturers that solely magnificence editors know


Most of the time, if you go to a beauty editor and ask them to identify every single beauty product they wear – from bronze to strands – you get a versatile ear. My personal product list is proof, and I happen to be friends with many other product-related beauty editors and attend events on a regular basis.

There are certain well-known beauty brands that are well-known names – the well-known power players who regularly create bestseller lists and march through the glossy pages of our favorite magazines. We'd be lying if we said we don't own, love, and regularly use a collection of products from these brands, but most of our beauty must-haves come from lesser-known indie beauty brands that nobody seems to be talking about which is strange considering how strong their followers are in the underground beauty product fanaticism (i.e. Beauty Editor Group Texts and Gchats Worldwide).

During seemingly historic maskless days, strangers encountered confusion and amazement after revealing the culprit behind my climax or the credibility of my tan in the middle of winter. As a beauty editor, there is nothing more satisfying than sipping product tea with another beauty lover, and the party is twice as fun when you spot a stranger that you will undoubtedly fall head over heels for.

With the current times not justifying the personal shopping spree like it did before, we figured we might as well split up all of our best beauty grime here and now by highlighting 27 of the best hair, skin, and skin under the radar as beauty editors of makeup brands love a fifth link, but are still relatively unknown to the public. Keep scrolling! (And maybe prep your credit card and make room on your vanity.)


Melinda Martin