49 Beneath $ 49: The Inexpensive Fall Purchaser's Information of Your Desires


Yes, this story has 49 products, each under $ 49, and yes, they are all insanely cute. In case you're not yet immersed in your seasonal fall shopping, this list should have almost everything you need for a major wardrobe update. Since it is time consuming and generally tedious to find expensive, affordable products, I decided to dig everything for you so that all you have to do in the end is scrolling.

Get ready to keep your eyes on everything from trendy basics to sleek accessories that individually provide a grueling, cheap thrill, but together make for a foolproof fall 2020 wardrobe. I have a feeling that with all of your favorite affordable retailers including Zara, H&M and ASOS you will be leaving with carts fuller than they have been in a long time.


Melinda Martin