5 designer equipment that hold their worth yr after yr


In view of the current situation, investing in designer accessories may not be the top priority for many. However, as a fashion site, we wanted to give you some inspiration and information about luxury shopping in case it actually helps at some point.

For many, there is currently a shift towards more thoughtful shopping with an emphasis on sustainability, versatility and longevity. The idea of ​​investing in an essential wardrobe instead of a ton of random purchases can therefore be attractive. If any of these elements are ever fascinating to uncover – like a used accessory that has a high cost-per-wear – we'd like to share some solid options with you.

To find examples of designer accessories that are most likely to hold their value year after year (especially in terms of resale value), we brought in luxury resale brand Rebag to help with the research. In fact, the brand was just expanding into the watches and fine jewelry category, so we wanted to get another look at the bags and jewelry that could be worthwhile from an investment standpoint, as customers would be willing to pay a premium for owning said pieces – even at resale level.

Whether you are actually in the market for a luxury item or just want a bit of visual inspiration, below are some examples of the specific accessory that might be of interest, along with feedback from Charles Gorra, Rebag CEO. Keep scrolling to learn more and shop for inspired silhouettes too.


Melinda Martin