5 new swimsuit trends that are suitable for every body type


If you love your shoulders / arms: If you want to emphasize your arms and shoulders, choose either strapless, off-shoulder, off-the-shoulder, or hold-up styles. Each of these silhouettes will draw all the attention to your upper body and highlight one of your favorite features.

If you love your legs: High cuts, either on bikini bottoms or one-pieces, instantly lengthen the length of your natural leg line. If you want to flaunt your stunning limbs, why cut the line of your leg when you can lengthen it? This 80s style suit will do just that.

If you love your waistline: The best way to show your waistline you ask? Belted swimwear is generally one of our must-have swimsuit trends, but for those of you who love your midsection, this is non-negotiable. High-rise floors also draw positive attention to your midsection.

If you love your breast: One of the easiest ways to flaunt your bust is to use an underwire top in styles that range from a triangle to a bra-inspired half-cup. Neckholder tops too! Temple styles also add more supportive buoyancy so you can walk around safely knowing that everything will stay in place.


Melinda Martin