5 objects Jennifer Lopez wore endlessly in 2020


One of the things that we all unanimously agreed on in 2020 is that comfort is key. Even the most glamorous of us began to adopt more relaxed wardrobes that included soft pieces and laid-back trends – yes, even celebrities. Jennifer Lopez is a prime example of the impact 2020 had on our collective style.

As someone who embodies glamor, J.Lo traded her stilettos and figure-hugging dresses for trainers and tracksuits, just like the rest of us this year. Of course, she looks just as fabulous in her leggings as she does on the red carpet (she's Jennifer Lopez, after all) but that doesn't matter. There are some key elements that defined her more laid back style this year. So when we look back on 2020 I thought it would be fun to examine the styles J.Lo adopted to match this year's tone. Below are the five items Jennifer Lopez wore repeatedly in 2020, and some shopping in case she inspires you to adopt them yourself.


Melinda Martin