5 objects you want in the event you dwell in a puffer jacket each winter


The humble puffer jacket has become an integral part of the wardrobe over the past five years. This' 90s-inspired trend made its inevitable comeback in street style around 2017 and has been slowly making its way into the masses ever since. You can now buy a puffer jacket in every style, color, pattern and material imaginable and we rely on this cozy staple every winter.

Of course, puffer jackets are not always the tastiest outerwear. With their oversized shape and padded sleeves, these quilted jackets can move into a statement area depending on the cut, pattern and style. Puffers go well with elegant basics that make the oversized silhouette shine, such as classic denim, turtleneck sweaters and leggings.

Be sure to browse ahead of time for the five stylish and versatile items you will need to expertly style a puffer jacket this season (and beyond).


Melinda Martin