5 sizes-inclusive manufacturers that get it proper


It has taken the fashion industry a long time to take steps towards size inclusiveness. For an industry full of creativity, this is an area that has been slow to develop. This has left many people with a lack of options, and most of the time forced them to choose less stylish pieces than they'd like. While many brands have not yet taken these steps, there are many new and existing brands that have advocated inclusive sizing with high quality, on-trend style offerings in recent years.

From Reformation's recent introduction to expanded sizing with its signature silhouettes and sustainable fabrics up to size 24 to Good American's 2016 debut denim line between sizes 00 and 24, there are a few key brands that get the job done and the inclusivity prioritize (without compromising style). . Below are five of the best brands including size that will get it right, plus some of the best shopping tips from each. We hope that more brands will soon follow in their footsteps.


Melinda Martin