5 successful ingredient cocktails for non-glowing pores and skin


In case you haven't heard it, there is glowing skin in it. Smooth, flawless faces are featured all over our Instagram feeds, driving a multitude of beauty lovers to combine scrubs, serums, and moisturizers with reckless devotion to achieve that enviable goal of dolphin skin (strange title, dreamy look). But there are so many skin care ingredients that serve so many different purposes that it can be difficult to know which products actually work best together to achieve all of our skin care goals.

This is where the famous beautician Candace Marino comes in. Not only is she the expert entrusted to the faces of celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Grimes, but she also has a wealth of knowledge about the combinations of skin care ingredients that banish glowing skin situations from breakouts to texture enlarged pores. Basically, she has all the answers.

Pre-check out Marino's edition of the five best cocktails that contribute to healthy, glowing skin, and buy the range of products she prescribes for her celebrity customers.


Melinda Martin