6 new bikini developments that I can solely name stunning


At this point in the season, we've pretty much stuck to a uniform that includes bikinis, denim shorts, sandals, and little else. Usually, there is only one goal on these summer weekends: to get as much sun as possible by wearing one of those barely-there bikinis, which are designed to maximize sun exposure and minimize tan lines. But if you thought that going for a simple triangle bikini was good enough, you thought wrong. Instead, we've seen a new crop of barely-there bikini trends – and these styles are so minimal it's shocking.

Like most controversial swimsuit trends, celebrities and fashion girls lead the pack here. We discovered them in bikinis that are redefining what "barely there" even means, and some that are downright optical illusions. I may be a little shocked at the thought of donning one of these styles, but I can't deny how fire is like by grams. Just keep scrolling to see these six new daring bikini trends and how they're being worn.


Melinda Martin