7 pillars of improbable eyebrows, in accordance with probably the most sought-after forehead artists


So here's the thing: everyone will have different tool preferences, and besides, your brows may require different types of products at different stages.

"One of the biggest mistakes is not using the right product to 'fake' an eyebrow when someone is trying to get their best shape," says Streicher. "There are a lot of high quality brow products on the market right now that are helping people have their best brows, but people aren't always sure how to use them."

"Eyebrow products are amazing," agrees Christine. "Depending on the shape and stage of your brows, you can use pencils, powders, eyebrow gels (either tinted or not tinted), and eyebrow pencils for amazing and believable results." This is something you'd like to discuss more personally with your expert, but Christine says she loves taking turns with her eyebrow filler (which is like a powder but comes in cool, pencil-like packaging) which you can also use as eye shadow and / or eyeliner) and your eyebrow pencil, which provides more hair-like strokes. Both, she says, will leave a very smooth yet naturally defined finish. I use her pencil every day to add depth on top of the sparse areas, and I've never received so many compliments on my brows.


Melinda Martin