7 tips to wash your suede bag


If you're anything like me, you probably just hid one of your popular designer bags in your closet. For me, it's the Chloé Faye bag that I looked at forever and then finally sealed the deal. This beautiful suede artwork rarely sees the light of day, however, as I keep it for "special occasions" – days when there is not a drop of moisture in the air or snow on the ground. Suede is one of the most delicate bag materials. Once you've got it dirty, there's no going back. At least that's what I thought.

When I recently had the nightmare of getting a stain on my suede bag (I live in New York – it had to happen at some point) I was desperately searching the internet for tips and tricks to get my baby back to its original state. It turns out that cleaning a suede bag isn't as difficult as I once thought. It just requires specific, precise steps and tools (you may already have these in your kitchen!) And the know-how to properly handle the material.

With the following tools and tips, you can easily restore your suede bag to its former glory – or ensure that what is currently clean and comfortable to carry will remain in perfect condition for years to come. Read on to find out how to clean a suede bag and remove everything from dirt to stains to rubber.


Melinda Martin