9 Footwear To Take Off To Enhance Your Fashion


Now that you're familiar with a few general things the editors of Who What Wear are giving up in order to be more stylish, it's time to get a little more specific and talk about the element that can make or break a look : Shoes. We all have these shoes that we hold onto for a little too long, whether for sentimental reasons or simply because we loved them once (probably a little too much based on their worn out looks), but the truth is that they take up space that can be used for stylish shoes. Invite the Goodwill Trip to be donated so that they can move to a new home and be saved for the next time they inevitably return.

Shoes can be walking in and out of the trend zone in no time, and wearing an "out" pair can instantly make your entire look look dated. Accordingly, we came to the conclusion that there are nine styles in particular that will run out of space in your wardrobe in 2021 – and that we don't think they will be available again anytime soon. On the plus side, we have nine alternative styles that are either more classic or current trends that have proven their endurance. Are you ready to upgrade your style through your shoe collection?

Find out which shoes to throw in and which ones to keep (or add to your closet) below.


Melinda Martin