A definitive rating of the worst issues you are able to do together with your hair


Hear that It's the sound of a thousand fairies slowly perishing and making the exact same sound as your hair frying between two 400-degree metal plates. "Without proper protection, high-heat irons will only burn and break your hair," says Streicher.

Of course, different hair types can handle different heat. For fine hair, straightening and curling should be kept at lower temperatures (e.g. at 300-degree tips). Coarsely structured hair can handle a little more heat. "When in doubt, bring your iron or curling iron to your next appointment and ask your stylist," says Cranford.

And always, always use a heat protectant. "That poor hair – it takes a product to ward off the ill effects of the heat right now," says Rez. "If you don't use heat protectant while using hot tools, it will take a heavy toll." Try Redken's Iron Shape 11 heat protectant spray for $ 20.

Also, most importantly, minimize the number of days per week that you iron flat and frizz your hair. (Our experts actually couldn't agree on whether everyday heat styling or the last item on this list was * the worst * for your hair). For example, Streicher says, "Excessive use of heat on your hair is the greatest way to damage your hair."


Melinda Martin