A podiatrist rated everybody's fundamental sneakers from good to terrible


We envisioned the age-old concept that beauty (or style) is pain forever. Because there is no way you should ever sacrifice comfort and happiness for fashion. Can I get a YES? Great. Unfortunately, there are standard items – especially in the shoe department – that are inherently painful.

To be honest, you probably know your way around some of the basic shoe trends that are bad for your feet (um, sky-high pumps). But what about the other classic shoes that are stocked in all of our closets? To assess the specific shoes that could cause the most pain and damage, we went straight to an expert by typing Benjamin Tehrani of Kings Point Foot & Ankle in Los Angeles.

It is interesting that he did not only advise on the silhouettes that cause the most pain. He rated the basic shoes we all own from good to downright awful. Fascinated? Keep scrolling to read the doctor recommended ranking (starting with the best first) and see where your favorite shoes fall on the spectrum. If you're looking to upgrade your offering with some of the best shoe styles, we've rounded up a range of fresh silhouettes that will fit even the most convenient categories for shopping.


Melinda Martin