About the Apple Watch Survey of Blood Glucose Monitoring Plans


There have long been rumors suggesting that Apple might be trying to add some sort of blood glucose meter feature to the Apple Watch. A recent rumor claims it could happen as early as this year, and now there is more evidence that these rumors may contain some measure of truth.

This is according to a survey that Apple sent out to its customers in Brazil. The Apple Watch survey asked users what kind of feature they would most like to see in the next Apple Watch, and blood glucose monitoring was one of those features. This isn’t a guarantee that this feature will be included in the next Apple Watch, but it does at least indicate Apple’s interest in the technology.

As 9to5Mac points out, these surveys can be pretty meaningful at times. For example, in 2020 Apple sent out a survey asking if iPhone users were looking for the power adapter that came with their iPhones and if they were keeping it. Later, when the iPhone 12 was released, the power adapter was removed from the box.

We can only hope that this is a feature Apple will bring to the Apple Watch as we envision that many people around the world would appreciate a non-invasive way of measuring their sugar levels.

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Melinda Martin