All the hair equipment we purchased this yr – and why we’re obsessed


Simply put, it is our job to find the best beauty products for you. From the latest serum to the hottest lipstick color to the dry shampoo that will change your life, we will find it, test it and let you know what we think. We don't complain. It's a pretty fun gig, and we'll be volunteering as beauty guinea pigs every day.

But one of the cool things about this is figuring out which products you love and buy. It helps us find out what you'd like to learn more about and what you're looking for so we can give you even more personalized recommendations.

As we share many of our favorites with you every day, we realize that keeping up can be difficult. So we decided to put together a handy weekly list of what we love and what you love. Think of this as CliffsNotes, a one-stop shop for the latest trends and worth adding to your cart right now.

This week we're talking about our favorite hair accessories. Take a look at what the Who What Wear universe (including editors, staff, and readers) is obsessed with right now. If you don't see a new favorite on this list, we'd love to know. Send us a DM.


Melinda Martin