And now 8 pieces of furniture that made the fashion crowd famous


I don’t know about you, but the past year has piqued my 100% interest in home decor. Sure, I’ve always valued a well-curated space, but since the pandemic forced me to get to know my own four walls, I can’t stop thinking about, looking at, and buying about cool furniture and stylish home decor accents. And I’m definitely not alone here. The fashion folks I usually follow for style inspiration give more insight into their homes, and just like the it fashion items I wear, there are a handful of trendy pieces of furniture they all seem to have.

In no way are we suggesting that fashion folks alone gave these pieces their iconic status, but we’d be lying if we said they weren’t the reason each of the following pieces now has our attention. From sofas to statement mirrors to accent chairs, the following trendy pieces of furniture are pinned to our mood boards, featured in our favorite outfit selfies, and published on all of our social feeds. You may be able to spot at least one of them. So keep discovering the It items that fashion audiences are craving us for.


Melinda Martin