Angelina Jolie’s airport pants are even better than sweatpants or leggings or


Airport style is back, baby, and this celebrity outfit-obsessed editor couldn’t be happier about it. It’s hard to predict how the pandemic will have changed airport style. Either people are more comfortable than ever dressing up in sweatshirts and leggings for a flight, or they long for an occasion to wear a chic, polished travel outfit. Time will tell, but Angelina Jolie seems to have chosen the latter.

Jolie was recently photographed at JFK in a Dior trench coat, a Celine bag, Salvatore Ferragamo sandals, and very baggy, lightweight jeans that are so much airier and just as comfortable as leggings or sweatpants. (If you haven’t heard, NYC has been muggy lately.)

After seeing how chic Jolie looks, I firmly believe that I need to buy wide-leg pants. Keep scrolling to join me.


Melinda Martin