Apple could have found out easy methods to put a digicam on the Apple Watch


If a function is “missing” in the Apple Watch, it is a camera. We've seen a few third-party alternatives, but they add quite a bit of volume and power to the watch, which I'm sure not everyone will appreciate. However, it seems that Apple has found a way.

According to AppleInsider, they came across an Apple-filed patent suggesting that the company may have found a way to incorporate a camera into the Apple Watch by hiding it on the screen itself. The patent describes a display system where one layer can be used to show the actual contents of the screen while the other layer can act as a kind of blocker to hide other components like the camera when not in use.

According to the description of the patent, “an electronic device can be provided with a two-stage display. The display may have an inner layer with an array of pixels for displaying images and an outer layer of a light modulator with an array of cells each of which can be placed in a transparent mode or a light blocking mode. "

What's interesting about this patent is that apparently it could also apply to devices like the iPhone, which could house the front-facing camera and other sensors while hiding it and eliminating the notch.

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Melinda Martin