Apple HIt With Lawsuit Over The Apple Watch’s ECG Monitor


The Apple Watch’s ECG feature seems to be a hit. While some doctors remain skeptical about the feature, we’ve come across multiple stories in the past about how the ECG monitoring tool actually helped save the lives of quite a few users by alerting them to irregular heart beats.

However, it seems that medical device company AliveCor isn’t too thrilled with the feature, and not because it doesn’t work, but rather it seems to work too similar to the company’s patents. So much so that they have since filed a lawsuit against Apple where they are alleging that the company had “willfully” infringed upon AliveCor’s patent for an ECG monitor.

The company’s patent in question has been described to be able to “explain state of the art in arrhythmia diagnosis, the limitations in known diagnostic techniques and diagnostic equipment, and the need for the inventors’ improvement in diagnostic techniques and equipment.” AliveCor believes that Apple has knowledge of these patents, but yet continued to forge ahead with the inclusion of the feature.

AliveCor is now seeking an enjoinment on Apple’s alleged infringement, as well as damages, attorney fees, along with other legal costs associated with the lawsuit. Whether or not the company will be successful in their fight against Apple remains to be seen, but for now, the company has actually pulled its own ECG monitoring tool from sale while they focus on other monitoring systems.

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Melinda Martin