Apple might launch a VR headset earlier than its AR glasses


When it comes to reality-based devices, Apple tends to lean more towards augmented reality (AR), while competition like Valve and Facebook are more focused on virtual reality (VR). However, it seems that Apple may have had a change of heart, as a report from Bloomberg claims the company could launch its own VR headset as early as next year.

The publication claims that Apple will actually launch a “high-end” VR headset in 2022 before planning to launch its own AR glasses. The report also suggests that the company does not expect its VR headset to be a success, but rather that it is a device that should be more geared towards developers and wealthier customers who may be interested in early adopters be.

Apparently the goal of this VR headset is to help the company pave the way for AR glasses for the mass market. The headset is also rumored to be very expensive, more than what is available in the market today, so it is estimated that it may only sell up to 200,000 units per year.

Perhaps the idea of ​​this VR headset is to integrate components and elements that are used in the AR glasses and serve as a kind of test run so that when the AR glasses start, it doesn't become a flop. It will be interesting to see if that rumor spreads, especially since we haven't seen any real indication that Apple might be interested in VR.

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Melinda Martin