Apple Watch might someday get Contact ID for the facet button


On iPhone, users can protect their devices in a number of ways such as Touch ID, Face ID, or with a PIN code. It looks different on the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch checks the user through the heart rate monitor. This means that someone who stole your watch and tried to pay with Apple Pay cannot.

That being said, it seems that the Apple Watch could potentially get support for Touch ID in the future as well. This comes from a patent discovered by Patently Apple in which Apple filed a patent suggesting that Touch ID should be inserted into the side button of the Apple Watch.

While we've seen some somewhat fancy Apple patents, this one actually seems pretty feasible. This is because Apple actually managed to plug Touch ID into the tablet's power button with the fourth generation iPad Air. This means that Touch ID can be used in a smaller space. So why not the side button on the Apple Watch?

That being said, this is just a patent so it's hard to tell if Apple is making it a reality, but like I said, this is one of the more workable patents we've seen and it already exists, but whether or not Apple will install remains to be seen.

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Melinda Martin