Apple's AirPods Max was within the making for 4 years


Just yesterday, Apple officially accepted its own branded AirPods Max over-ear headphones. Now the headphones have been a long time coming, or at least that's what the rumors told us. We actually heard that Apple had worked on over-ear headphones in the past, so the launch came as no surprise.

However, it seems that the earlier rumors could have been correct all along, as it turns out that this could have been a device that has been in development for four years. This comes from a tweet from Dinesh Dave who is currently a product designer on Facebook. Before that, however, he was Senior Interactive Designer at Apple.

Dave's tweet, which has since been deleted, claims that "the last product I signed from NDA is finally out," along with a picture of the AirPods Max. While the tweet was still active, a user asked Dave how long it was since he signed the NDA, in which he said it was four years ago. This is roughly the same time that the original AirPods debuted, suggesting that Apple was working on the AirPods Max around the same time.

We're not sure why it took Apple four years to bring the AirPods Max to market, but we guess it's better late than never. The AirPods Max is currently priced at $ 550, making it one of the more expensive headphones we've seen lately. It remains to be seen whether or not its features can justify its price.

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Melinda Martin