Apple’s AR glasses might be able to inform while you’re distracted


When Google launched their Google glasses years ago, it was a pretty exciting time, but ultimately the project was pretty messed up. Now it seems that Apple might be interested in including the coat with its own AR glasses, but the question is what features it might offer to set it apart from the previous ones.

According to AppleInsider, they recently came across a patent that could describe a feature of the AR glasses. This is done in the form of glasses that can recognize the “state” of the user, e.g. B. whether they are paying attention to what is ahead of them or if they might be distracted by something else.

The patent suggests that it can adjust accordingly based on the status of the user. “A user’s status (e.g., distracted, alert, etc.) while viewing content on an electronic device can have a significant impact on the user experience. Content creators and display systems may be able to provide better and more personalized user experiences that a user is more likely to enjoy, understand, and learn from if they are able to determine the user’s status. “

This means that if the glasses determine that what you are currently seeing is causing boredom, it could indicate something more interesting and so on. It’s a fascinating idea, despite the fact that it feels vaguely invasive. It remains to be seen, of course, whether this patent will actually become a reality or not. So don’t read too much into it yet.

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Melinda Martin