Apple’s mixed reality headset can contain up to 15 cameras


If the rumors are to be believed, Apple could make a couple of wearable headsets. While the rumored Apple glasses are the most anticipated, Apple is also slated to develop a mixed reality headset that could hit the market as early as next year, and now analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has come up with some additional details.

According to Kuo, up to 15 cameras should be built into this mixed reality headset, which would contain both augmented and virtual reality technology. The reason Apple is including so many cameras is because they not only want to collect as much external information as possible, but also serve to track the wearer’s eye movements.

The idea is that by tracking the eye movement, the headset will reproduce what the user is actually looking at with greater fidelity, as opposed to anything in the field of view. This means that resources such as processing power can be channeled more efficiently instead of being distributed to areas that are not being used.

That being said, Apple’s mixed reality headset is apparently set to hit the market next year, where it could cost up to $ 3,000. This device is meant to be aimed more at developers than regular consumers and could be Apple’s way of creating a future for its AR glasses.

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Melinda Martin