Ariana Grande's outfits in "Positions" are the proper mixture of attractive, sassy and complex


Ariana Grande serves up loads of * lewks * in her music video, Positions, and that's exactly what we needed to get the weekend off to a good start. Ari dropped her latest music video at midnight on October 22nd after teasing fans with a quick look and a countdown to the release of the single and album. (Her sixth studio album is also titled Positions!) In the video, Ariana gave us key Jackie Kennedy vibes wearing items like a classic A-line coat dress and multiple pillbox hats from designers like Lanvin.

The video was released shortly after the last presidential debate, which is quite appropriate given the role of the Commander in Chief in the White House. The music video shows Ariana switching roles between president and "cooking in the kitchen". She wears a white corset with a green mini skirt and "in the bedroom" a black body and a diamond chain. While sitting in the Oval Office, she wears everything from a one-shoulder black mini dress to a 50s-inspired outfit. She even ended up walking her dogs on the White House lawn wearing a houndstooth coat.

Watch the music video for "Positions" and see all of the outfits.


Melinda Martin